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                        Available March 15th through November 15th
     To maintain the integrity of Rockcliffe Mansion as an historic house museum, the Mansion limits the number of available B&B rooms per night to a maximum of four.  Once we reach this capacity on any particular night, the remaining chambers cannot be reserved.  This limitation allows our Staff to provide the most personal, individual and intimate experience for our guests, while maintaining the Mansion and its artifacts in the best possible state of preservation.   

     For information regarding the Chambers available, photos of each Chamber (along with its associated private Bath), and Rates, please visit the Pages of our Menu entitled: "B&B: 2nd Floor", "B&B 3rd Floor", or "B&B Suites"
.   To make a reservation on line, please visit the Page of our Menu entitled: "Availability/Make a Reservation", and, on that Page, click the button entitled "Availability/Make a Reservation".

B & B Extras and Amenities:

     1.   Each B&B overnight stay includes a complimentary Guided Tour of the Mansion (offered during normal tour hours - a $30 value for an adult couple)(Guests are encouraged to take the last Tour of the Day, commencing at 4:00 p.m. - this helps our Guests have a fuller understanding of the historic surroundings they will be staying in that night);
     2.   B&B guests are encouraged to join us in a complementary 
Wine and Cheese Reception served daily from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. either on the side porch, with spectacular views of the Mississippi  and the historic town of Hannibal (weather permitting), or in the historic Kitchen (inclement weather);
     3.  A three-course home-cooked and prepared 
Breakfast served in the elegant formal Dining Room at 8:30 a.m., with coffee and/or tea available as early as 7:30 a.m.;
Outdoor Seating on the side porch (furnished with cozy wicker furniture) with beautiful views of the Mississippi River, the historic town of Hannibal, and Rockcliffe's formal gardens with cast-iron garden elements, including running fountain;
Private Bathrooms (bathrooms are en-suite on the 2nd floor; and just steps outside the room in the hall on the 3rd floor);
Gilchrist & Soames ToiletriesCollection;
A/C units (window) in each Chamber;
Original radiators (circulated hot water);
     9.   Free and convenient
on-site, off-street, parking;
Non-smoking/Tobacco-free Premises and Grounds;
Pet-free premises and grounds;

    12.  No children 10 years or younger are permitted to stay overnight; and
    13.  Convenient 
Gift Certificates may be purchased.

                              B & B Policies and Booking Terms:

      By reserving a room at Rockcliffe Mansion you agree to abide by the following Policies and Booking Terms:


​     By making a Booking You are deemed to accept, and be bound by, these Policies Booking Terms. To make a Booking, You must be over 21 years of age.  You will be asked to show a government issued ID upon check-in.


     1.   All rooms (Chambers) are maximum double occupancy, i.e., two (2) persons per room, except for Suites, which are a maximum of four (4) persons per suite (please no exceptions);

     2.   Rockcliffe Mansion, and its grounds, is a
NON-SMOKING/TOBACCO FREE property (if you must smoke, you MUST leave the property);

     3.   No pets are permitted on the premises or the grounds (we're sorry, no exceptions);

No children 10 years old or younger are permitted to stay overnight.  This is because Rockcliffe is an historic house museum with an environment surrounded by delicate antiques.  Consequently, the reservation system won't allow you to make a reservation which includes a child of any age.   Therefore, if your child is older than 10 years of age, please GIVE US CALL SO WE MAY ASSIST YOU IN MAKING YOUR RESERVATION: 573-221-4140;

     5.  No person under 21 years of age may make a reservation on this reservation system; all persons checking-in must be prepared to present a government issued ID showing proof of age;

     6.   No food or drink are permitted in the Chambers or Suites, except for bottled water available in the cooler located in the historic Kitchen, provided free of charge for our B&B guests; and

     7.    No fire arms of any type (concealed or otherwise) are permitted in the Mansion or on its grounds; it is immaterial if you have a permit to carry in this State or any other.


     When Your Booking is confirmed by email, a reservation number is given. This number must be retained by You and quoted in all communications should any cancellation or amendment be necessary.  You will need to quote this reservation number when You contact Us.  Bookings are made, and a contract between You and Us comes into effect, when We accept a booking request from You via email.   You will be charged for your entire stay (plus applicable taxes) at the time of check-in.   


     Accommodation Prices exclude any applicable State Sales Taxes and City Transient Room Tax.   Prices quoted are for the specific date(s), and room(s) shown on Your Booking Confirmation.

D.  ARRIVAL (check-in) AND DEPARTURE (check-out):

Check-in time is no earlier than 4:00 pm. (We're sorry, no exceptions can be made; this is because Rockcliffe is an historic house museum providing guided tours daily beginning at 10:00 am, until the last tour of the day begins at 4:00 pm; any earlier check-in would interfere with our guided tours);

    2.  Check-out time is no later than 10:00 a.m. (as tours begin at that time);  
    3.   Because we have no secure pre-check-in or post-check-in storage area for Your luggage or belongings, please leave all personal items in Your automobile until check-in; and

    4.   If You are checking-in after 5:00 p.m., please call or e-mail Us to let Us know when You plan to arrive - We would like to greet You at the door to expedite your check-in.


    1.   Cancellations made at least seven (7) days in advance of scheduled arrival are subject to a $35.00 cancellation fee per room per night;

     2.   Cancellations made LESS THAN seven (7) days in advance of scheduled arrival, are also subject to a $35.00 cancellation fee per room per night, PROVIDED that We can re-book Your reserved room(s) to another guest(s);  HOWEVER, IF WE ARE UNABLE TO RE-BOOK THE ROOM(S) YOU RESERVED, YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL ROOM RATE FOR YOUR ENTIRE RESERVATION as a CANCELLATION FEE;

     3.   In the event that You fail to check-in at all on the date specified for Your Booking (without contacting us prior to Your check-in time), Your Booking will be deemed cancelled, and Your credit card will be charged for the total amount and duration of Your Booking as the Cancellation Fee.  Further, We shall be under no obligation to hold the accommodation for You; 


     5.   No refunds will be provided for early check-outs; and

     6.  We reserve the right to cancel Your reservation within seven (7) days of submission by You, for any reason whatsoever,  and at no charge to You.  Should this occur You will be notified of the cancellation via the e-mail address that You have provided to Us.


     If You wish to make a change to your Booking, You should request a Change via email or over the telephone as soon as possible, and We will attempt to accommodate Your request, if at all possible.  


     1.     Bookings must be guaranteed using a valid credit or debit card.  You will be charged at the time of check-in; and  

     2.     IMPORTANT - We may use Your payment card details to guarantee Your reservation, and, if necessary, satisfy any Cancellation Fee.  


     1.  Although We take care in how We present Our accommodation online, We do not make any particular representation as to the suitability of Our accommodations to Your specific requirements or needs.  Should You have any specific concerns or questions relating to Our accommodations,  please contact Us directly BEFORE requesting a Booking, and We will do Our best to address your concerns or answer Your questions;

     2.     We are not responsible for any injuries or damage to persons or property occurring on Our premises, and We shall not be held responsible for any indirect or special damages;

     3.     You are responsible for any damage or loss occurring during Your stay, including any damage to Our property by Your act, omission, default or neglect, and You agree to indemnify Us, and pay Us on demand, the amount reasonably required to make good or remedy any such damage or loss.  Further, we reserve the right to terminate Your Booking immediately without being liable for any refund or compensation where You engage in behavior that causes a disturbance or nuisance to Our staff or to other guests on Our premises; and

      4.  We are not responsible for the loss of money, jewelry, valuables, or other personal property brought onto Our premises by You.


      1.  Your Personal Information may be processed by third parties who operate Our reservation system and/or Our payment system.  Whilst We have been given assurances that these third parties operate in conformance with general Data Protection standards, We cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for how these third parties may use your Personal Information.  If You have any

concerns, You should address them to these third parties directly.   Our third party reservation system provider is eviivo Limited; our third party payment system is Square, Inc.   By making a Booking, You consent to this processing of information as described above and the transfer of Your information to Us; and

       2.   Further, by making a Booking, You also consent to Our providing your e-mail address to TripAdvisor following Your stay for the purpose of sending You review solicitation emails concerning Your stay in accordance with all applicable data protection laws.                                        

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